This room, similarly to the "Room of the Theatrical Masks", is rectangular in plan and covered by a segmental barrel vault. The ceiling is entirely restored and lacks original stucco decorations. The walls, on the other hand, have maintained much of their painted surfaces, which imitate those of the "Room of the Theatrical Masks". The decorative scheme in Room of the Gorgons is however less refined and more geometric, with wider bands framing each wall.

As in the "Room of the Theatrical Masks", garlands of tiny green leaves, stylized branches, and other miniaturized naturalistic motifs re-occur; and so do the images of flying swans and Gorgon's heads.

The picture located in the center of the eastern wall, which would have functioned as a pendant to the Pan in the "Room of the Theatrical Masks", did not survive.

The decorative motifs and the figures painted in the center of the walls further elaborate on the same concept of sacred-idyllic atmosphere that inspired the decorations of the other rooms in the domus.
The floor is decorated with a plain black on white mosaic: a black band around the perimeter of the room frames a black meander-and-crosses pattern.