La chiesa


According to a 2nd century AD Latin inscription (CIL XV, 7507) stamped on two lead pipes (fistulae) belonging to the water system of the domus, it is possible to attribute the ownership of the building to a certain Pactumeia Lucilia, probably related to P. Pactumeius Clemens (consul suffectus of 138 d.C.) and his son T. Pactumeius Magnus (consul suffectus of 183 d.C.).

Later on, in the 5th century AD, the propety was probably owned by the family of the praetorian prefect Flavius Iunius Quartus Palladius. In fact, in the vicinity of the monastery of Sant'Anselmo was uncovered a statue base dedicated by his brother. The dedicatory inscription clearly states that the honorific statue was erected inside Flavius' own house.