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Vergilius, Aeneides VII, 655-661

Post hos insignem palma per gramina currum
Victoresque ostentat equos satus Hercule pulchro
Pulcher Aventinus clipeoque insigne paternum
Centum angues cinctamque gerit serpentibus Hydram:
Collis Aventini silva quem Rhea sacerdos
Furtivom partu sub luminis edidit oras,
Mixta deo mulier, …  

Vergil, Aeneid, VII, 655 661

"The handsome Aventinus, son of handsome Hercules follows them displaying his palm-crowned chariot and victorious horses, over the turf, and carries his father's emblem on his shield: a hundred snakes, and the Hydra wreathed with serpents.
The priestess Rhea brought him to light, in a secret birth, in the woods, on the Aventine Hill…"

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